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XSS Bug on WALHI Site

Posted by Darwis Suryantoro on June 17, 2007

By KB_007.NNR a.k.a Darwis Suryantoro


There is a vulner on walhi site :

I’ve told the admin of that site, but there was not respond mail to me. So, this time, I’ll tell you my action.

you can input this :
src=http://friendster.ac.id height=1000 width=1000></iframe>
Put in search textfield (above, right of the site).

AS EXAMPLE into textfield on
the search menu.

What is XSS, (I’m so lazy to expalin it in this moment. There’re many articles describe about that). please visit

for more

I’m just a newbie, may be you say “you are dump”, its okkay, I like it. I just wanna share my short knowledge about ICT.

Please leave a comment here…


Ke halaman indeks Computer Networking 


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