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August 18th, 2007 – My 13th brother’s birthday

Posted by Darwis Suryantoro on August 18, 2007

Yesterday was The Indonesia Independent Day. But, I had no time to spent that day cause, yaa I was so tired after finished my job all night. I just only remembered lot of memories I felt several years ago. Ya, August 17th in 2002 and 2003, I’ve upwarded my lovely flag merah putih at my school and mayor office (balai kota) in Malang city. Just try and umph that made me to have some strong enough to face this life.

Today, I almost forget that my liltle brother, Dendi BM celebrates his birthday. I wanna tell him,  “I miss you so much. I wanna meet you today and give you my trully affection, love, and care.” But I can’t realize it. I must do my job and my study in order I can run my life better and be the best. I hope someday, I can share my blithe to you, our sister, also our lovely mama and papa.

Regards to you, mama, papa, my lovely brother Dendi, and my sweety sister Anisa.

Today, I want to cry, but the tears never fall.

Darwis Suryantoro


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