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"Raihlah ilmu, dan untuk meraih ilmu belajarlah untuk tenang dan sabar." (Ummar bin Khattab, R.A)

Good Egg

Posted by Darwis Suryantoro on October 30, 2007

If you see an egg from outer, you will get, it seems healthy and good. But it can false. After we break its skin, actually we know the conditions of that egg, surely.

From that case, we can give some conclusions that it also happen in people world. When their skin is broken, we will find a real attitude about them. Their body is wrapped by good clothes, also their idea is wrapped by good words, they seems as a good creature. But, if we see a reverse of their skin actually, we usually find a worst heart, disgusted character. Behind their gentle face, there is an ego attitude, arrogant, always tell a lie, and other bad habituals.

If we see the peson’s momentous, we will find their trully color. Then we know them as a good egg or bad. In a macro opposition moral, we often see this case as bad people who sale their strength and organize their actions as a good egg than other persons. But this reality will not end. Time will run fast when people want to enter among another world that all of cretinous will lost and all of strength will stop, not from the people, but the power of Almighty God, Allah swt.


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