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How to Hide Your Secret Files?

Posted by Darwis Suryantoro on October 30, 2007

Okkay, I will share any tutorial, how to hide your secret file into an image file. Before we do this action, you must install WinRar application. Then, here the steps:

  1. Setting your Windows to show an extension of the file. These are the ways:
    • Look at menu bar, click Tool menu, then choose Folder Options.
    • You will see three tabs, then choose View tabs.
    • showing the extension of a file

    • Uncheck the option “Hide extentions for known file types” like a picture above
  2. Prepare your secret file (for extention of the file is up to you) and an image file. For example, I prepare finance.xls (a worksheet file) and amita.JPG (as image file). Set both of them in a same folder that was created.
  3. Right-clik on finance.xls file, then choose menu [Add to “finance.rar”]. It will result finance.rar as a new file.
  4. Then open NOTEPAD application (click menu start – run, then type notepad). Write the scripts below:

@echo off
ren finance.rar finance.xls.rar
copy /b amita.JPG+finance.xls.rar result.jpg
del finance.xls
del amita.JPG
del finance.xls.rar
del hide.bat

Remember, you must adapt each name of file based on yours (except hide.bat).

Note at second line of that script. The extention of result (result.jpg) –> JPG is got from your image extention (amita.JPG) –> both of them are JPG files.

4.      Well, save that script as hide.bat in the same folder you cereated.

  1. Close all of windows. Then open again the folder which you’ve created.
  2. Double-click on hide.bat. Wait a moment. If you are success, all of files in the folder will be disappear and result.jpg will be present.

This is the end of tricks.

Try to open result.jpg file.  You will find an image.

Ouw, where is my original files? Ooops… be patient guys. Don’t be panic. Try to open that file with WinRar program.

Right-click result.jpg then choose menu [Open With]–> [Choose Program] –> choose [WinRar].


Here is the file:

Tatataaaaaa… you find your original files. You can extract that files become your really files.

By Surya Nusantara a.k.a Darwis Suryantoro


3 Responses to “How to Hide Your Secret Files?”

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  2. keminisme said

    rename aja dari .xls ke .jpg
    gitu aja kok repot.. hahaha

  3. suryantara said

    @keminisme. Wah kalo ntuh mah terlalu simpel Mas, user khan bisa mereka2 dengan mudah.

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