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Report Call from Codesign

Posted by Darwis Suryantoro on April 30, 2008

Several minutes ago, Codesign Indonesia has called me to confirm that I was qualified to follow the next test of their job openings. A woman from HRD Development noticed me that writing test will be happened on Saturday, May 3rd next month. But (being shocked), I never apply an application letter before, because my job status is still as IT Volunter @ Oxfam GB Yogyakarta.

Hey Darwis! Are you crazy? Why did you refuse the opportunity? Hey, bro, bro, bro.. “I don’t think so”. I need a breathing space to refresh myself after a couple of years I had applied the mind to study hard. Almost 6 years I didn’t live with my parents and my little sister also brother. Please be noticed, my rest isn’t mean I have a lazy attitude or habitual, but it’s time to prepare myself more and more on facing the future. So? so what gitu loch!

I plan to look for a job in Surabaya or Semarang area after I finishing my job in Oxfam GB (or maybe East or Centre of Java area). Both of them are my main destination city I want continue my study and develop my job experiences. If I have academician degree-holder, then I will be focus on my career, or may build a trading business then, hehehe. Wish me luck ya!


2 Responses to “Report Call from Codesign”

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  2. suwe ra jamu… piye kabare boss?
    eh hasan juga dapat panggilan itu lho mas…
    ok sukses deh……

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